Action Killer #2: Procrastination

Action Killer #2: Procrastination

Just before I went out to Costa Mesa, CA to speak at Ann McIndoo’s 1st ever Author’s Business Mastermind I finished reading a report from one of my mentors, Rich Schefren. The report was all about procrastination.

Rich’s premise was that procrastination only happens when we don’t have clarity on what we want. When we’re not clear on what we resist moving forward.

That really resonated with me. I can’t say how many times I have procrastinated. Looking back, it’s true. My vision was unclear, murky at best.

A passage in the Bible says “without vision, the people perish.” And I refuse to perish. This weekend I am going to get some clarity again, revive my clarity if you will.

The more desire that burns within me to my clarity, the more I will move mountains to make it real.

In my talk last weekend I spoke about how important action is, but I also spoke about how the right action comes from creating first spiritually, in the mind and heart. When the picture there is  clear, when a why exists, there doesn’t need to be questions about how.

Those with a strong enough why can accomplish any how to get to their what.

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book Rich Kid, Smart Kid that instead of saying he couldn’t afford something, his Rich Dad would have him ask, How can I afford it. By changing the quality of our questions we get different answers.

What’s is most clear to you in your life? What’s your why? What vision do you see that you are pulled towards? What questions could you ask to get different results than you are currently getting?

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